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HSE Infoline Still Alive? Santia Consulting Keep it Going

I had no idea that Santia ran the HSE’s Infoline for 14 years!

Good for you Santia, keep it going.

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Santia Consulting Limited, the leading health and safety risk management firm has launched a free telephone information service, Santia Infoline, for businesses seeking health and safety information.
The company has managed the Infoline service on behalf of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for the last 14 years. HSE closed the telephone line in September but Santia has made the decision to continue to provide the helpline service which is available to businesses of all sizes.

Jane Hext, Chief Executive of Santia Consulting Limited comments:
“As the leading health and safety consultancy we appreciate that health and safety legislation can be a proverbial minefield for companies to navigate their way through. We recognise the need for companies to have access to information in a clear and concise format. It is our commitment to the health and safety industry and our desire to support the government’s agenda that health and safety should have a commonsense, common purpose approach. This has led us to provide the information line to businesses for free”

The service has been used by over 20,000 people every month and at the time of the announcement health and safety forums expressed their concern over the closure. While HSE retains a large online database of health and safety information, Santia is confident that the phone service will remain popular with businesses that require information in a timely fashion.

Santia Infoline will offer exactly the same expertise as the previous service and will be manned by highly trained health and safety operators, offering businesses a single point of contact to gain health and safety information.

The service will be available Monday to Friday between 8am-6pm. Santia will offer the service on a three month trial basis on order to gauge the demand and need for this type of service.
To access support from Santia Infoline simply call 02920 029571 or visit our website for more details http://www.santia.co.uk/infoline

Read more at www.healthandsafetytips.co.uk


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