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HSfB Prize Draw – How Can We Give Things Away for Free?

I have often been asked how can we possibly give things away for free in our Prize Draw, so I thought I’d create this blog post to explain exactly how it works.

As a bit of background information on HSfB, if you have a spare five minutes, grab a cuppa and have a read of these pages which describes the story of HSfB from the beginning….

HSfB in the Beginning…

About Us

For those of you without five minutes, basically it all started with my own personal injury at work that started me asking the question of ‘why was I allowed to be injured at work?’ All I did on that Friday was go to work. My life shouldn’t have changed that day, but it did. My passion for helping protect people at work from injury or ill-health began.

The prizes given away are quite literally products or services donated by organisations who share with our passion for protecting people at work. Of course there is the publicity side of things, but that’s what sponsorship is all about. Sponsors donate, we give it away, you benefit and HSfB grows to help more people. Easy!

I know there are some sceptics out there who think I’m making a mint from this and that’s OK. But, I work during the day at my day job as a H&S Advisor to pay the mortgage, feed the kids and the dog, and to just get on with things. HSfB does not earn millions of ££!

I just thought it important to at least give you an insight into how the draw works and why we do it. Sometimes things in life really are free. Granted it’s very rare, but it’s here at HSfB.

Please share this article on Twitter, Facebook, Stumblupon or anything else you use and help us to grow to help more and more people come home safely from work every single day.

Thanks for reading.

John (Jack Kane on the forums)

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