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Prize Draw 1 Update and Photos – Manual Handling Course

The manual handling train the trainer course was the first prize drawn for the 2008/2009 draw we had in November 2008. The prize schedule shows the year plan, click HERE to see the schedule.

As there were six winners originally, it proved a bit of a challenge trying to get everybody together in one place at the same time. So we had to agree a date that suited the trainer and kind prize contributor, Paul Donaldson of Health Environment and Risk Training, the date also had to suit everybody else and their busy schedules. Not only that but we had delegates who travelled a great distance, so that was a consideration as well.

The venue was the Business Gateway units in Camperdown Street, City Quay, Dundee with some great views and breakout areas into the bargain (pics below).

This was all done via dozens of emails. Dates were agreed and changed several times, one or two people had to give up their prize for one reason or another with new winners drawn from the hat.

But! Many emails later and a bit of determination and patience, we all finally managed to get together on Monday 11 May 2009!

The course was brilliant to say the least. Paul’s training technique was very relaxed, friendly, down-to-earth and a bit of good humour into the bargain. I would personally recommend Paul’s services at the drop of a hat and from what I’ve heard, Paul’s NEBOSH General Certificate course is definitely worth its weight in gold.

It was great to meet up with visitors to HSfB and put a name to the face. A really interesting bunch. Photo’s of the venue and delegates below.

Overall, a great day full of laughs, discussions on running marathons (sorry, my bad!), oh and we managed to squeeze in some manual handling train the trainer training ;).

My personal thanks to Paul and everybody who made it along to make the day such a memorable and educational day.

From the left we have……

Ian Brown, Sandra Johnston, Bruce Stark, Ged Keane, Simon Severn, Paul Donaldson and me, John Johnston.

Some great views from the venue in Dundee, but I’m not sure why I took a picture of the coat hanger!

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