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HSfB – Site News 13 July 2008

Site News

13 July 2008

  • You will now be able to keep up to date with the latest HS&E news articles through the www.healthandsafetyprofessional.co.uk RSS news feed on our home page. The RSS feed has up to the minute information and can be viewed in our ‘Site News’ box in the middle of the home page.
  • New industry specific networking discussion forum section created on our Health and Safety Discussion Forums
    • What is the Networking Forum?

      The Networking Forum section does what it says on the tin. You can network with other HS&E professionals in your industry sector using the various forum sections and by using the various user groups set up to help keep in touch with each other.

      Networking User Groups

      Each networking forum section will have a user group set up in which you can request to join. You can view all user groups from within your user control panel where you can request to join a user group of your choice. Video guides on how to do this will be created soon.

      Your request will be sent to the individual user group leader for approval and once they have approved your request, you will be added to the group.

      The beauty of the user groups is that people can see at a glance who on the forums works in the same industry, so you can private message or email each other with industry specific queries etc. You can also send a private message to an entire user group if you like.

      User Group Leaders

      Each user group will have a leader and where there is no leader, the forum administrator will be the default group leader until somebody requests they want to take leadership on.

      Can I suggest a new networking section and user group?

      Absolutely! If you would like to create a new user group and networking forum section, just let the forum administrator know and it will be added for you.

      You don’t necessarily need to become the group leader if you request a new user group.

      Networking Moderators are volunteers who will moderate the networking forum section. They will not be full HSfB Moderators for the rest of the discussion forums, but they won’t mind you asking for help if you get stuck anywhere along the line.

Unique Health and Safety Courses Giveaway

2008 Prize Draw Coming Soon!

NO Catch – NO Fee


It’s coming around again!

HSfB’s fantastic prize draw is in the making again with more great prizes to give away. All for FREE!

Keep your eyes peeled on the home page for updates and for a launch date for your chance to win!

Why not subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when the prize draw is ready for launch? Click the link or newsletter logo below to sign up…

Newsletter Registration Page

HSfB Newsletter Registration Page

Not sure what it’s all about? Have a look at our previous prize draw competition and check out the fantastic prizes that were donated all for FREE!

Click here to see the fantastic prizes given away in the last prize draw

Click here to see a list of previous winners

Click here for background information on the prize draw

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